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A revolution in wrinkle reduction...

Nlite Wrinkle Reduction

Laser initiated tissue enhancement

Since the beginning of time, people have sought all kinds of ways to enhance their looks and to prevent signs of ageing.  Lotions and creams providing superficial, short lasting results and radical surgical methods with long recovery periods can be a thing of the past because now there is Nlite....
Clinically tested by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Nlite embraces both the powerful healing forces of nature and state of the art laser technology to stimulate the body's own cells to regenerate themselves.  Tired, slackened collagen is rebuilt, creating a fresh foundation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles by up to 69% after a single treatment.  Skin texture becomes smoother and firmer.  Fast and safe, Nlite is a non-invasive, non-surgical laser treatment which can even be carried out during your lunchtime!  As the skin surface is not broken or damaged in any way, there is minimal discomfort during treatment and no recovery period afterwards.
Precise light pulses pass through the skin to activate mediators which tell the body to produce more collagen.  Scientific studies have shown that Nlite will encourage up to an 85% increase in the amount of collagen present after treatment and up to 69% decrease in wrinkle depth.  As it is your own collagen which is stimulated, it is not rejected and broken down by your body, making the results effective and long lasting.  Acne scarring and other minor disfigurements also respond well.  Studies are underway to valuate the treatment of strech marks and other similar conditions.

Before and after Nlite

Plasmalite Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

Removing unwanted and superfluous hair is always a problem.  Conventional methods of hair removal such as shaving and creams are time-consuming and short-lived.  Waxing and electrolysis can be painful and may cause further discomfort such as ingrowing hairs.  There is an alternative...The Plasmalite.

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...seeing is believing.

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